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    What Are Network Access Control Or NAC Solutions?

    Network access control solutions protect your organization from the risk of shadow devices. Employees can bring their devices to work without registering them under the company’s BYOD policy, and IT teams may forget about these devices running after testing. These shadow devices are connected to the network but are not managed or monitored. Network access control (NAC) solutions can prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to the web and detect any existing unauthorized devices. Defining NAC Policies Defining network access control policies (NAC) involves governing how devices and users can access the network. These control measures are essential to protect an organization’s network against unauthorized access. However, the benefits of NAC extend far…

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    What Project Managers Need for Work Zone Safety

    Construction project managers are charged with making sure that their projects are delivered according to an agreed-upon scope, schedule, and budget. Quality management and regular communication are also expectations from their clients and their supervisors. Whether stated in a contract or not, safety is also an important aspect of every job. As a PM, you are also responsible for making sure the site is as safe as possible. Training Workers Crew members should be informed of the conditions of the job site. Hazards such as heights and confined spaces require special training, according to OSHA. Workers should have credentials to operate certain large equipment, proving that they are knowledgeable about…