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4 Ways a Home Inspector Is an Insurance Policy for Home Buyers

A home inspection doesn’t sound like an insurance security plan for first-time buyers, and some people even balk that they need to pay money for someone to look at their potential house. Most people don’t understand that a home inspection is a future protection against a myriad of hidden problems that most people cannot see. Here are just four of the many issues the home inspector looks for.

1. Foundation Firmness

Getting an inspection allows the inspector to crawl under the building and check the bones of your potential new home. Although some home inspectors are qualified to check foundation conditions, it is best to find a certified company to look at the building and provide a foundation inspection Landrum SC. They will look for crumbling, mold, insects, and wood rot.

2. Water Drainage

Drainage around homes is essential to keep water from flooding or washing away protective ground soil. The inspector will look for discolored stains on walls, loose or missing gutters, and holes in the ground near the foundation. These signs could mean there is water damage to the building, which could be expensive to repair.

3. HVAC Security

The HVAC system consists of the heat pump, air ducts, furnace, air conditioner, and linked thermostat. The inspector will look for leaks, loose connections, and carbon monoxide problems. Heating systems are checked in the winter and cooling inspected in the summer to ensure accurate readings.

4. Roof Problems

Many new homeowners have found themselves replacing a roof in their new house, and that is a very costly problem. An inspector can identify hidden signs of water, wind damage, and missing tiles, along with wood loss and loose roof pieces. If damage is found, the existing owners should deal with the issue before you purchase the home.

Home inspectors provide a type of insurance security for new home buyers. Don’t buy a home without having a home inspection.

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