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3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

Have you ever noticed how sometimes your home can get more than a little smelly? Cooking odors build up over time. Leftover smoke smells can permeate your walls and fabrics. Sewer issues contribute a nasty stench of their own. If you’re dealing with any of these issues or even the musty scents that are part of daily life, then you need to freshen up your home.

A Complete Cleanup

Begin with a complete cleanup. Scrub down all surfaces, and give your carpets a good vacuuming. You can even rent a steam-cleaning machine for an extra-deep treatment. Run your draperies through the laundry, or take them to the dry cleaners. Wash up rugs, throws and slipcovers, and use upholstery cleaner on your furniture. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, and, if necessary, bring in a plumber to find and fix the source of sewer odors. Your home will feel much fresher when you’ve finished.

Fresh Paint

If you want to go to the next level of clean, give your walls a fresh coat of paint. This can eliminate lingering odors as well as brighten up your spaces. You might only need to paint one room, or you can work your way through the whole house. Do the work yourself to save money, or hire a company that does interior painting Streamwood IL to save time and effort.

An Air Purifier

Odors can be stubborn, so if you’ve tried cleaning and painting but are still dealing with smells, you might consider installing an air purifier. These treat the air by using special filters or ionizers and can be useful for combating dust and allergens as well. There are options for the whole house or a single room. Do some research about which type would work best in your home.

With some time and effort, you can make your home fresher and healthier for your whole family.