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What You Should Know About Child Custody Investigations

Child custody cases are complicated, especially when it comes to father’s rights. The parents involved in a custody battles need the best case and evidence to prove that they are the best candidates to provide for their children. Therefore, these parents may search for local private investigators.

When to Hire an Investigator

In a divorce, many people will hire investigators to find hidden assets or uncover deceit. However, investigators may also be hired in child custody cases to prove that one of the parents cares for or does not properly care for their shared children. If the children complain of abuse or neglect, are uncomfortable with or fear one parent, the other may choose to hire an investigator to find out why. Hiring an investigator is especially important if children are being abused or they are unsafe with one of their parents. If any domestic violence occurred during the marriage, an investigator should be hired.  

What an Investigator Does

Private investigators interview people in their clients’ and their children’s lives, such as teachers, principals, neighbors and friends of the family. They may also search for hidden assets to prevent child support discrepancies. They may investigate any hired caregivers and observe the time each parent actually spends with the children. These professionals also investigate drug and alcohol, gambling or other challenges the parents face. They may also perform background checks. The evidence they gather typically includes photos and videos as well as physical paperwork and digital evidence.

Court Investigator Qualifications

A licensed private investigator can help parents prove their child custody case claims; however, a reputable court staff member and investigator may also be appointed in challenging disputes. These individuals have extensive training and education on the effects that divorce and other family issues have on children. They understand the requirements of the court and its custody decision-making processes.

If you are concerned about your child’s safety and wellbeing, consider hiring a private investigator.

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